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Hiatus until March

Due to the extended reading break resulting from the abomination and massive waste of taxpayers' dollars that is the fucking Olympics (I guess that's where Genome Canada's funding went instead? Great allocation of resources we've got there!), I will be mostly internetless at my parents' house for the next two weeks, until 01 Mar.

I didn't have any time to schedule posts or anything (INSANE week), so for now just enjoy the blogroll on your right, lurk around the tree, google random protists or whatever. Gonna try to resume half-decent posting after the break. This term just hasn't been very kind to blogging time thus far...

And the next Tree of Eukaryotes release should happen after the first week of March too. There's a few spelling errors in need of attention, and some taxa.

Anyway, have a good two weeks!


  1. Thanks, Edward! =D

    I have a hunch NCBI ROFL will totally dominate that category though -- there's just so much ROFL-worthy stuff lying around in the supposedly-serious peer reviewed literature! Especially that week dedicated to Medical Hypotheses... ROFL indeed!


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