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Mystery Micrograph #15

Originally posted at 3.23am 07.02.10
You guys are redeeming yourselves after the horrible Auranticordis performance! =P

Next one!

(To be referenced later)

Rest of the plate to come later, if needed.
10.02.2010 update: Part II of plate (should be easy now)

(To be referenced later)


  1. Pochenia, an acrasid slime mould.

    Ref: Olive et al., 1983: Mycologia 75 (6): 1019-1029.

    Yay, an acrasid, at last!!

  2. Geek. Did your boss randomly walk by and blurt it out again? =P

    Congrats. Now I need to find a new one for the two weeks I'll be away...

    ...mwahaha! *throws cunning glance at potential MM collection...*


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