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Sunday Protist - Lacrymaria: 'swan-necked' ciliate

[scheduled post; written 27.08.09]

Lacrymaria, Phil Gates @

Go check out the post in Beyond the Human Eye, a really cool microscopy blog I just came across! Also contains links to pages with movies...

(no time for makeshift review articles, completely swamped with stuff. You're safe this time around =P)

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  1. I ran into this while struggling to identify a "swan-necked" ciliate of my own.

    I don't think it's a Lacrymaria at all. There's a big cytostome clearly visible at the base of the neck (and nothing where the "mouth" should be on a lacrymaria). In the accompanying video on "Beyond the Human Eye" the thrashing "elephant's trunk" movement reminds me very much of Dileptus, actually. Lacrymaria's neck is insanely extendible, and its movements are quicker.


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