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This list is perpetually a work in progress, but here's a modest collection of links and articles to help one get started on exploring protist diversity.

Feel free to send protisty photos and questions to psi {dot} wavefunction {at} gmail {dot} com. I love attempting identifications!

My tree of eukaryotes

Introductory materials


ToLWeb -- Tree of Life Web, organism pages linked based on their relationships with descriptions for the groups. Eukaryote page. -- Everything about amoebae and other squishy protists. Excellent site. forums -- macro- and microphotography. Great place to kick back and savour the beauty of microscopic worlds. Also good for exchanging microscopy techniques.


Keeling et al. 2005 TrEE (pdf) -- my own first introduction to the world of protists. Tree is slightly out of date now, but a good overview nevertheless.

Keeling 2004 Am J Bot (pdf) -- an overview of plastid symbiosis (how algal plastids came to be); also slightly out of date (less support now for Chromalveolates), but has a really nice diagram explaining which plastids went were -- including tertiary endosymbiosis!

Walker et al. 2011 Parasitology -- Supplementary 'book' (pdf) Article and book both do a good job at explaining protist diversity to an outside field. Book also contains plenty of taxonomic details for later reference, or a relaxing perusal of the extensive diversity of eukaryotes out there.

Professional societies

International Society of Protistologists (ISOP)
International Society for Evolutionary Protistology (ISEP)
British Society for Protist Biology (BSPB)
International Society for Testate Amoeba Research (ISTAR)
Phycological Society of America (PSA)

Lab webpages

(If you work in a protist-related field and would like your lab page included in this list, please email me or leave a comment!)
(IN PROGRESS, this is all off the top of my fuzzy head)

Archibald -- nucleomorph structure and evolution

Dacks -- endomembrane and other cellular evolution

Hu -- Apicomplexan cell division and conoid structure

Katz -- protist diversity, incl ciliates; ciliate nuclear dimorphism

Keeling -- protist diversity and plastid evolution

Leander -- protist diversity and cell structure

Lynch -- population genetics of protists (Paramecium), genomes, mutation rates

Martone -- biophysics of red algae

Roger -- evolutionary genomics of protists

Simpson -- protist diversity, evolution and ultrastructure

Waller -- eukaryotic diversity, genomes, alveolates

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