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Update: Tree of Eukaryotes (parasitology edition)

There arose a need for a new tree for a parasitology meeting, so after almost five years, I finally updated the tree of eukaryotes. There are still things that need to be changed, and new orphan lineages that should be added, but here's an updated version showing predominantly parasitic lineages in bold, and lineages known to contain parasites and/or opportunists marked with an asterisk. Since the citations box from the older editions is hard to keep updated, I've removed it, and hope to replace it with references and further reading on this site, where it can be easily modified.

Once again, note that this tree, which incorporating real data, is an inherently subjective synthesis, and should be used with caution. As always, comments and suggestions welcome.

References and further reading to be added shortly, once I have more time ;-)

(The first edition was half a decade ago... time flies!)