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The long-awaited TC-S paper IS OUT!!!

OMG, yes, it's finally out, in February, just like he said...! Wheeeeee! Featuring that very famous heartwarming diagram style of his! *drools*

*does a happy dance*

The paper I've been dying to read since no less than a YEAR ago...
(TC-S 2009 Biol Direct: Origin of the cell nucleus, mitosis and sex: roles of intracellular coevolution) (Alternative title must be "Sex, the universe, and everything")

No, seriously, I've even ranted about it before -- who the hell cites papers from the future?

(TC-S 2010 Biol Direct) My two great fetishes in one diagram -- cell biology and evolution. See, at least someone understand me! Well, would understand if he were even half-aware of my existence... that latter part really needs to be fixed ASAP. Maybe if I magically wake up one day at an ISEP meeting. One can dream...

And I'm late to class. And other obligations. *sob* I won't be able to get to it until tonight. I mean, I'm gonna tend to my actual obligations tonight, yeah, totally...

But today is going to be a great day! The first thing I saw in Google Reader was that paper, so it must be a good sign, right?

Anyone wanna read this along with me, and then we can chat about it? Lab Rat, I'm looking at you =P

Oh and I'm really late to class now... I doubt the prof knows TC-S (or has read his papers anyway), and would therefore be unable to understand and sympathise with me. Sigh, such depraved souls they are, those non-evolutionary biologists. Poor things. If only they'd read from the Book of Tom, and see the light...

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