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Mystery Micrograph #14

Apparently the last one was too easy, at least for our resident micropaleontologist. I'll explain it later, but before I bury myself in the bitter products of procrastination (known as work that could've been done much earlier at leisure, but instead will be done in a rush of madness right now... the story of my life, pretty much. Sigh), have another mystery micrograph to play with. These are a single genus.

To be referenced later; all scalebars = 1mm


  1. Hydrodictyon, perhaps? (complete guess based on no evidence whatsoever)

  2. Aydin: LOL... no they're real living organisms! =D

    Christopher: nope, hydrodicty is much finer, and also much greener.

    Keep going! Note the scalebar, btw...

  3. I'm thinking that they're xenophyophores.

  4. Lana!!!1!11! Boy do I loves me some macroscopic protists...

  5. Wow, congrats, Neil! It definitely is Lana; didn't expect anyone to get it so quickly as Komokiaceans are quite obscure, even to protistologists.

    I also love macroscopic protists... especially when they're sort of unicellular. Too bad most of them tend to drift around in the deep sea...

  6. Well I guessed that they were Komokiaceans based on research for a blog post that I never actually published. But I have to admit that I resorted to Google Scholar to come up with the genus, fortunately the number of papers on Komokiaceans is low enough that I turned up the source of the picture in a few minutes.

    Great blog by the way, I don't know how it took me so long to find!


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