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Cypress Bowl Mushroom Foray Part II: Slime Moulds

We found about 5 species of slime moulds on out foray. Unfortunately, as explained previously, I fail at remembering names. I'm a cell biologist. We only know model organisms... ^.^

Again, photos by Achiru.

A very common species -- Physarium sp. -- same one as in the older slime mould entry.

Still can't figure out what kind this is...

This, apparently, is also a slime mould. It looks like someone rolled up balls of gum and stuck them on a log... (Lycogala epidendrum - thanks, Emma!)

I think this is Ceratiomyxa sp.?

So yes, I found a very useful site for looking at hawt sexey pictures of slime moulds, and also for their identification:

And that made me late for Ecology...gotta run!


  1. The pink one is: Lycogala epidendrum


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