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Apologies for CoE delay!

I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to delay the CoE post by a day... had it planned for tonight, but a whole bunch of other stuff popped up that's actually sort of more important (no offense), including a test worth 10% and a talk I completely forgot about. Oh and some revisions to finish because they were promised today. And it's 10pm already, and I've had more hours of class than sleep, by a factor of 2 -- so my blogging was gonna suck anyway. Would rather attempt to do something actually nice -- expect it tomorrow night! (Pacific Time; that is, morning of the 3rd for most of you...)

Again, really sorry!

Here, have a desmid =D

Micrasterias radiosa. These things can be quite huge (100-300um), even visible to the naked eye as little aquatic green snowflakes in the water...! [source] (Archaeplastida: Charophyte)

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