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"Save" is supposed to SAVE, not CRASH!

[Feel free to disregard completely if rants are not your thing. You've been warned ^^]

You know when you've spent like an hour putting together this really epic diagram based on multiple phylogenies of some obscure organisms, and are just about finished, and suddenly remember to save, and you do, AND IT CRASHES WHILE SAVING, THEREBY SENDING YOUR TREE OFF INTO PHYLOHEAVEN/HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY, leaving you with nothing but a row of tabs in your browser where the once-cited papers lie?
Dear PowerPoint,

I understand you were never meant to be used for drawing trees, nor were your authors likely ever aware that such a thing exists as 'phylogeny', BUT FOR FUCK'S SAKE, IS IT REALLY TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR THAT YOU ACTUALLY SAVE WHEN THE SAVE BUTTON IS HIT, AND NOT DO THE EXACT POLAR OPPOSITE???

Ok, now I'm too angry to finish the already-late Sunday Protist. I'm gonna go punch something and/or swear incessantly, and then sleep. In terms of workload, this week is awful, and then I'm going away until early March (fleeing the fucking Olympics*. I really hope it randomly hits +20 for the next few weeks, to totally and definitively screw them over. Apparently we're having an abnormally warm winter, and the snow has melted off the slopes. Actually, that made me feel a little better! =D [/schadenfreude])


  1. Powerpoint = SATAN!!!! Seriously though, that program is terrible. Can't they at least make different versions compatible with one another?

  2. The universe is trying to communicate with you. It's telling you to stop using Microsoft products. Most humans have proven to be very poor at listening to the universe, supposed scientists not excepted.

    By Microsoft tradition, a new feature mentioned in a product announcement advances one's career. A new menu entry or ribbon icon is almost as good. Fixing bugs is for dead-enders; it generates no revenue, because only people who have already paid ever notice it.


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