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Mystery 'Micrograph' #13

This one is more of a macrograph than a micrograph, and for once it may or may not involve a non-protist. This one is actually pretty weird. This is to give some of the sane people non-protistophiles a chance =P Bonus marks for telling me why this organism is weird/interesting.

Distance between lights -- 10cm


  1. No -- this thing lives far below the edge of sunlight!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Paleodictyon!
    (some kind of worm burrow?)

  4. Wow, quickest one ever! Yup, it's Paleodictyon nodosum, and it doesn't seem to be known what the hell it actually is...apparently it's either a worm burrow, a flattened sponge or a foram -- that is, pretty much anything...

    Not surprised that a paleontologist would know it though! =P


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