Field of Science

This is getting kinda boring...

~2.5 weeks and counting...

And before you tell me to feel lucky it ain't snowing, I actually ENJOY snow and sub-zero temperatures, thank you. 6 winters in Toronto and what drove me crazy there was actually the summer... Yeah, I love snowy winters and hate endless rain. So I came to Vancouver. Got a problem with that?


  1. We had a very pleasant day down here in MD. Sunny & about 16 C. But they are predicting rain for tomorrow.

  2. Rub it in will ya, snailguy? =P

    Actually, it surprisingly DIDN'T rain today! Not exactly sunny either, but not raining is more than good enough.

  3. We broke a record "no snow in November" since 1937 (they started counting). We got slush today. Yay!


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