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Mystery Micrograph #07 hints

You guys need to get on this, the poor organism feels neglected and may soon develop abandonment issues. You must save its mental well-being by solving its little identity crisis. That would make you its personal hero - wouldn't that be an awesome feeling?

An SEM, and a glimpse of its habitat:

(scalebars: A - 2um, B - 200um; to be referenced later)

The thing in the SEM is a resting stage.

EDIT 02.11.09: This is giving it away big time - it's a Rhizarian...


  1. Would it be too much to ask what "DE" stands for?

  2. No, but it is a cyst/spore-like structure. And it is somewhat close to the larger group of which the dinoflagellates are a member of. This group fairly recently migrated over there, by the way [/big hint]

  3. So, i guess it's an Haplosporidia; Minchinia, maybe?

  4. (I'll write it up when I'm not falling asleep at the keyboard (and scope), ie tomorrow or something...)

  5. I do but actually I found this one here:

  6. oh ok it's on the cover (i read it online).


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