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Live Hypermastigote clips

To compensate for crappy blogging as of late (and the delays in the Great Review of Heterolobosea aka 'cruel and unusual punishment'), here's some random parabasalian swimming around: (Trichonympha methinks)

And a Spirotrichonympha?

Since I'm too lazy to ID this thing for sure at the moment, it would be great if some resident extreme excavate experts (XXX for short...?) could perhaps blurt it out. You know who you are. Also, are those Monocercomonoides, the little things swimming around?

I lack video editing software, so apologies for random background noise.
Got plenty more clips of Saccinobaculus, by the way. Should show up when I have time to re-blog about that wonderful organism (I think it deserves a much better post...) For now, enjoy the suspense =P
(and go hang out at the Mystery Micrograph - should be more interesting now that we've established it's a case of a multicellular parasite of a unicellular organism. Hint: As far as I know, there's only one documented case of that. )

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