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Pond Microforay encore part 2 - Amorphous amoebae of ambiguous affinity

Part 1 featuring both familiar and mysterious types of flagellates found here.

These suckers are amoeboid and potentially amoeboflagellate, thereby leaving me rather clueless with regards to their identity. Help would be much appreciated! And I know some of you real protistologists read this. You're not as anonymous as you think =P So go help me ID some of this stuff, so we can have more excuses to learn (and blog) about obscure organisms. Please? ^_^

A few tiny blobs with crap (pseudopodia) oozing out:

Seriously, what the fuck are these things!?

Amoebozoan (most likely) with what appear to be acanthopodia. Probably not a cercozoan, right?

Another random small amoeba...

And another. Was trying to stalk it to see it eat, but no success.

I'd ramble off some stories about them, but again, I have no idea what they are. Probably could make up some cool 'factoids', but that's not really why we're here, is it? As appealing as academic fanfiction seems in principle...

I know I have some comments to respond to here, as well as VERY LONG OVERDUE posts. Ummm, they're in preparation, seriously. Unfortunately, there's some more high-profile 'submissions' queued up as well, such as lab exams (labelling crap in chick embryos o_O) and multitudes of assignments, and an eternally data-craving PI (aren't they all?).

Looking forward to tomorrow evening though: Carl Zimmer's talk on evolution of disease!

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