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One more day for Open Lab 2009!

One more day left, submissions for the 2009 Open Lab anthology of science writing/blogging/etc due 01 Dec midnight, and by the looks of it, they really mean 30 Nov midnight. Use this form to submit a post and make Psi happy (and please read the instructions). Here's a message from Psi himself:

Come on, can you let him go emo on us?

While we're at it, if you have any time to spare, please nominate some posts for my fellow science bloggers at Catalogue of Organisms, The Mad Labrat, Musings of the Mad Biologist, Myrmecos, The Artful Amoeba, Small Things Considered, and everyone else I can't fit here (see blogroll to the right ---->) I think they would really appreciate it.

(And yes, Psi is male. The author of this blog is female. As any of you who have imaginary characters running around in your heads would know, they actually have lives of their own, and generally don't allow you to assume their identity entirely. It's complicated.)

EDIT 30.11.09: Sunday Protist will be a bit late, sorry. Busy and need to make it to 8am class tomorrow later today...

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