Field of Science

A new low: anime "Erythrops"

Oh my FSM, what have I created?

Erythrops the [cyclopsoid] Erythropsidinium. Now I gotta dig up that Greuet 1977 paper again to see if this looks a bit less awkward in mitosis... I mean, uhhh, focus on my classes and study my biochem notes. Yeah. That.

Hey, when they realise their mistake and kick me out of academia, I can totally become a protist comic artist! Now that's a job in high demand out in the real world...

As for Sunday Protist, I'm waiting for a certain someone to reappear online and remedy his guess. We're a bit low on Dalhousie traffic lately... I'm looking at you, Ancyromonas geek!

Anyway, class in 7.5h... totally gonna attend it! Nothing! can be more fun and exciting! than 8am! biochem! Wheeee! Yay!

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