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Mystery Micrograph #04

Ok, I'll make it a little easier this time. Just tell me the 'type genus' of this group. And before a certain taxonomist explodes at my blasphemy there, I mean the 'famous', most prominent, genus, of this group. Which this organism may or may not be. And it's an SEM, a little easier to decipher, I hope:

(Shell of Mystery Organism. To be referenced later)

I don't think this needs a scalebar, let's say it's unicellular in a fairly normal way.

Change of rules: Since the resident protistologists (and the arachnid taxonomist who knows way too much about protists to not be suspicious...) would get this very quickly, let's bar them until Friday noon Pacific Time. This one is too easy for a free beer, but if a sane person (ie. non-protistologist/aforementioned arachnid taxonomist) gets this, you get to be famous on my blog. I know, that's just awesome! Maybe about 5 people will know you! It's almost as good as being famous in math! Or protistology itself...

Guess if no one gets it by Saturday morning I'll put up a hint...

I heard phylodeities and clade spirits like beer offerings. Just sayin' Cheers~

29.09.09: think about unicellular organisms with tests. You may have even heard of a [rather polyphyletic] group of them. Google image search could help.


  1. I'm trying to work out whether I should be offended or not. Besides, I don't see any organism in that photo. Or to put it another way:

    Under the grass, under the trees,
    Here lies the body of Solomon Pease.
    Pease is not here, but only his pod -
    Pease shelled out, and went home to God.

  2. That's why it says SHELL of mystery organism, in the caption =P

    If you truly don't know this one, then feel free to play! It's just that...y'know... you probably know more about various random protists than some people in that field!

  3. Well, my supervisor got the previous one by casually glancing at my computer screen as he was passing by; I would do the same with this one! I fear that you have set up a countdown for Friday noon, when all the protistologists that read this blog will try to play a late version of the "First!" game....

  4. Of course, Friday afternoon arrives considerably earlier for me than for many other people...

  5. I WAS trying to reach out to, you know, non-protistologists... otherwise this is like preaching to the choir. The more educated, knowledgeable and qualified choir. Hell, most of my readers have a couple more degrees than I do. It's kind of weird... ^_^

    Perhaps next time I should move the time to 6pm Pacific rather than noon, to be fair to those across the dateline...

  6. All right, you told me I could have at it:

    That would be Euglypha. Or rather, it is the test built by an individual of that genus.

    That was like shooting fish in a barrel. Except easier. I feel a little embarrassed now.


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