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Which opisthokont amoeboflagellate is this!?

While looking through the developmental biol lecture notes yesterday, I came across this image:

(Developmental Biology 8th ed. Gilbert fig 7.2)
So I sit there, staring at it, thinking: "Ok, so it's an amoeboflagellate opisthokont capable of transforming between the two. Shit, what kind of protist is this!? Not a Heterolobosean (those famously form flagella+centrioles de novo) due to its posterior flagellum and continuously present centrioles. Can't be a nucleariid or ichthyosporid or anything..." for a good 5min, getting frustrating that I couldn't recognise this protist... (also wondering why there were protists in a classical developmental biol class)

...and then I read 'sperm head'.

I'm so gonna fail this class in 3...2...1...

Well, actually I was right: this -is- an amoeboflagellate opisthokont with de novo flagellar formation. To a cladist, we'd be protists too!

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