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Mystery Micrograph #03 HINTS

Refer to Mystery Micrograph here

1. Stramenopile
2. Non-photosynthetic

(Jan, you better get this one!)

I'll close the thing on Sunday. And it'll be really sad if so far the only MM winners are PIs. Come on guys, let's bring out the UNTENURED PRIDE!


  1. then it should be a bicosoecid I guess, say gen. Bicosoeca; anyone would find this though with such a hint (if it's right at all) .. you should come up with an easier one next time

  2. YAAAY! You half-got this (Alastair got it first though, but he's unaware of my existence so it only half-counts... >_>)

    I'll do an easier one. And then I'll do a horribly difficult one for 'Opisthokont' XP He's threating to make me identify very obscure commonly misidentified organisms!


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