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Mystery Micrograph #02

Alright guys, get crackin':

(to be referenced later)

Hint: predation

Got plenty of time, let's say by 9pm PDT this coming Sunday. Reward scheme as vague and implausible as last time. Speaking of which, I guess I do owe someone a beer*. And it happens to be geographically plausible even. And a little bit weird.

Open to members and ex-members of a 'certain department' this time, as there shouldn't be any advantages.

*when I gets me a supplementary job that can, uhhh, cover food expenses and stuff. My current one barely covers rent in this damn expensive-yet-very-'sustainable' yuppieville corner of the Northwest. I guess pretending to save the world by buying organic lettuce is more important than affordable student housing... anyone need a spare biotic dishwasher/PCR monkey/data entry robot/slave?

Although, come to think of it... one could live off media for a while, eh? I think we have all the essential amino acids on the chemical shelves somewhere...and lab grade sucrose. Yeah, we're set. Pun intended.

(09.09.09) HINT#2: protist
(10.09.09) Scale: thing is ~5-10um long


  1. Well then, I shall guess. Perhaps it is a myxozoan? And the electron-lucent zone to the right is the cap for the polar capsule?

  2. right concept, but I did say protist, and I did imply it having multicellular forms... ^.^

    (myxozoa incl myxosporidia, right? the reduced single celled metazoans? or am I mixing something up?)

    There is some long distance convergence there though =P


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