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Leaves on drugs

I accidentally hit Shift+I in ImageJ, which inverts colours. The result was very trippy:

(originally an Arabidopsis leaf surface; yes, drugs have been involved - for once, on plants rather than from plants...)
Seriously, doesn't this almost look like some modern abstract painting thing?

Going back to working on the carpal tunnel syndrome quantifying microscopy data...

Btw, I proudly use ImageJ for most of the cropping/editing work in this blog. I am not a nerd. To prove the latter point, I should perhaps someday have a post dedicated to revealing the inexhaustible Awesome hidden in the ImageJ universe. We microscopists have a freaking fetish for it... >_>


  1. Trippy, perhaps, but it actually puts me in mind of some of the more exotic pictures of nebulae and other astronomical spectacles. When you get right down to it, though, pretty much all microscopy (aside from surface-based things like SEM) is going to look like abstract art to the uninitiated.

  2. Try DAPI in poorly-cleared drugged-up leaves... chlorophyll autofluoresces in red, DAPI is blue, and the whole warped combination on a shitty sample makes for some REALLY trippy nebulae! Also, cockroach guts in DIC... *drools*


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