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Approvals are always nice =D

YAY! Application to coordinate a student directed seminar on 'evolutionary theory in the humanities' got approved! (plan is: 1/3 biological evolution (emphasis on molecular and microbial stuff that usually gets thoroughly ignored), 1/3 evolutionary linguistics, 1/3 critical analysis of memetics and applying prev two sections to other humanities fields; entire thing is participant-led, so no teaching; anxiously anticipating what happens to the final project, which will be literature-research based)

As excited as I am right now, there is A LOT, A freaking LOT of work to do now. This is going to be a nightmare, especially since we're trying to span two faculties and countless departments therein. But it's exciting! So lucky our university has this opportunity...

Anyway, still got a few hours of microscopy aherad of me... waaah!

Oh, and ha!: "Memetics is dead" my sorry ass! =P

I plan to post more details later, but any suggestions/criticisms/discussions are welcome and encouraged! If you know of any potentially useful sources/references, please let me know too!

Back to lab slaving... can't wait to finish so I can go home and devour my protist porn Research in Protozoology volumes...

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