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Blue isopod time:

Found it in California, never seen a bluish-purple one before. I wonder if it's an allelic thing, or actually a separate species altogether...


  1. Ebriids and ellobiopsids are two options that occurred to me, but I think I'll propose a third - just why is everything about dinoflagellates just so *%&$ing wierd?

  2. Love the blue isopod! Here in the Southern Rockies one of my favorite flowers is Penstemon whippleanus, the dusky penstemon. Most are a beautiful wine-purple, but growing right next to them you often find a whitish allelic variant. Mendel alert! Probably a mutation somewhere in the purple-producing machinery.

    And please. . . can one ever get enough of T C-S?

  3. It's neither... it's an infection with iridiovirus


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