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"Two things are infinite..."

I generally refrain from bashing creotards here as it's done much better in other blogs, but the sheer authentic pure idiocy here is simply astounding. I mean, just, wow.

So naïve. Dawkins, I mean. Does he seriously think it's possible to have a rational reasonable any conversation that...[censored]...silly person?

Added to the So Stupid One Cannot Come up with Valid Counter-arguments list.

PS: Vote against the cheese! --->

(The cheese option comes from a joke on a forum, where they refuse to vote in a poll devoid of cheese option. However, they weren't supposed to pick the cheese option itself, those cheeky bastards! Hey, to all you voting cheese: Don't make me go into the biochemistry or microbiology thereof; it doesn't mean you'd just get away with appetising pretty pictures!)

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