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After a week of my PCR failure, I finally got it to work. However, a masters student now can't get his alive in any way, which prompts one to contemplate the possible existence of some infectious PCR disease, a flu if you will, that spreads around labspace plaguing one unfortunate victim after another.

A new journal title is in order: J. PCR Flu Epidemiology. I think I finally found a place to publish my gels!

Said journal should also feature PCR horoscopes:

Aquarius: The -something- is in the way of the path of -some star- (I don't really read these, can you tell? o_O) Check your dNTPs. Your entire stock may have gone bad.

Pisces: While at first you may feel confident following a long line of successful gels, you should be extremely cautious in a couple of weeks - treat your Taq with care and be sure to put all the reagents back in the -20.

Cancer: You're fucked. Seriously, go wash some glassware and clean the lab windows instead for the next few weeks... nothing you do will save your product from instant degradation by the wrath of the PCR gods.
Anyway, I have a long night of microscopy ahead of me... good bye life, it was nice having you!

PS: I got catnip: 3 volumes of 1969 Research in Protozoology (ed.: Chen) from a nice ciliatologist. It's simply incredible. I'm dehydrated from drooling over it so much. Protistologists are very evil people. Worse than drug dealers... =P

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