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"[...] that so-called professor who only studies little fish"

That would be PZ Myers, apparently. I had to laugh REALLY hard at that one.

For more exciting (and mildly depressing) Catholic hate mail, see

What about those "so-called" professors who only study little bacteria? Poor microbiologists, for they shall never become real professors! =(


Another gem:

"All of the monkeys ain't in the zoo; the rest are at the University of Minnesota. Even more illuminating is that all the assholes are there too, not to mention the bigots, frauds, perverts, and no-nothings. I think that pretty much covers the spectrum in the educated imbeciles category. But, you stand out a little more than others."

Who knew -- the entire world's population of assholes is conveniently compressed into the University of Minnesota. So that's why I've never seen any assholes before -- they all reside in Minnesota! I guess the author of that note also teaches at U of M? Hmmm...

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