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Biblical Microbiology

This randomly popped into my head while I was doing E.coli transformations today:

(From: Microbius 1:01-1:33)

She sayeth onto the chosen Tribe of E.coli
"Taketh upon thee my Holy Construct,
For it shall heal your soul and spare thee from the devil."
And she blessed the great tribe with a heat shock,
Hoping to instill faith within them for all eternity,
Faith in her Holy Construct.

But some E.coli refused the Holy Construct,
Preferring instead to believe in their own pagan plasmids,
Neglecting the holy plasmid of God.
This insolence angered Her deeply,

And her neurons fired in wrath,
And She inundated the E.coli culture
With a great Flood of hygromycin;
And thus were smote in fiery wrath,
The heathens who failed to place faith in the Holy Construct.
And from the Flood their souls unsaved,
For they have not receiveth the Resistance Gene.
And lysed their membrane were in hell,
Damned to an eternity in the autoclave.

And She sayeth onto the good E.coli:
"Get thee to my pipette tip ark,
And I shall carry thee to the land of plenty,
And ye shall call this land the Test Tube,
And may the LB broth save ye from starvation."
She commandeth to the good E.coli:
"And while ye flourish on my sacred LB,
Dare not forsaken my next commandment:
Be fruitful and multiply,
For in a forthnight ye shall find thy souls,
Preserved in -20C heaven, in a stock of glycerol,

And blessed thy genomes shall be Saved,
As my Holy Constructs is delivired to the Holy Plants,
In the Growthchamber of Eden."


May your DH5α be forever blessed! =D
(And GV3101 as well; why not?)

Yes, the Growthchamber of Eden has GFP-expressing plants. The sun shines 488nm wavelength there. No wonder it's so green, eh? You should, like, totally see the tubulin:GFP-expressing tree -- it's a freakishly fluorescent green cytoskeleton! And the Forbidden Fruit is forbidden due to being stained with DAPI -- DAPI is bad for ya, y'know?

This is getting out of hand...I think I need to get out more often or something ^_~

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