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The Official Creationist Worldview Professional Certificate

Just came across this on Pharyngula:

"They also have a distance learning program in which you can get an Official Creationist Worldview Professional Certificate" Yes, apparently such an abomination exists. From the site:

"The Creationist Worldview is an innovative program of study designed to equip current and future Christian leaders with practical tools to effectively influence their world with the truths of Scripture. A formal science degree is not required, and those who can benefit from the Creationist Worldview program includes, but is not limited to, Christian men and women who hold various positions of influence within the community, educators, ministers and church leaders, business and industry experts, professionals in medicine and law, government officials, leaders in the fine arts, and high school and college students."

OH MY FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER, a formal science degree is not required to study creationism? Shocking indeed!

And their curriculum is sad and amusing simultaneously.

Sigh. Why do these people exist so easily, whereas if you want to retain integrity and sanity you may be subject to harassment and BS? We actually have to work to get where we want -- these cretins make a whole giant industry just by


  1. I've always considered taking one of these courses. Creationists are quick to point out the real scientists who have religious faith or deny evolution (usually non-biological scientists of course). If I were to gain a qualification such as this creationist example, what would they say if I then announced that creationism is bogus? I know exactly what would happen, I wouldn't count. The scientists supporting creationism can be counted on by them but a creationist supporting evolution would be ridiculed and rejected from their ranks.

    Another thing I became aware of is that a creationist group is now accepting scientific articles proving creationism. I have a goal of publishing with them but then exposing my own article as absolute horse-shit afterwards to show how they don't even really do their research. But shh, don't let them know....

  2. Are you talking about Answers Research Journal? When that first came out, Nature had a lot of fun mocking the hell out of that. In the language of academic politeness, of course. But the mockery still cut through...

    I was also contemplating pulling a Sokal Affair on them, especially after reading some of their "articles". But frankly, we have better things to do with our lives than picking on retarded kids. Perhaps when I'm really bored for some reason, I could work on a paper XP

    I suspect they'd only accept material from their own circle of people...they're probably well aware of sabotage potential, and will thus only accept papers from people they know...


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