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Back to chaos!

I came back a couple days ago, but failed to blog due to excessive chaos of the first week of school. Busy busy busy...

Hopefully I'll have more time to blog little pieces by this weekend, when I should make a proper post with some intelligible content. At least try to.

I do have to share some amazement though from a first class I had yesterday: in my Protistology class, which consists mostly of biology major 4th years, most of them didn't know what a...protist...was. Generally, when I sign up for a course whose title eludes me, I'll employ my dictionary search powers and look it up. Apparently that ability dies down by year 4 of university. Also, people who have specialised in biology for four years should generally moderately aware of the kingdoms outside their immediate concern. General knowledge. An animal cell physiologist should remain informed about plants, fungi, eu- and archaebacteria, as well as protists. You know, just as a physicist studying EM should have at least a vague idea about optics and mechanics; an organic chemist should know the basics of the transition elements; a carpenter should know approximately how the plumber and the electrician need to work after him, etc. General knowledge. Being reasonably curious and informed.

Oh wait. I forgot. They're just there for a degree. Right.

And they have better marks than me.

I just wish my peers in science were actually interested in the subject, rather than blindly memorising their way through. A healthy dose of curiosity is good for everyone, but essential for work in science.

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