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A Tree of Eukaryotes v1.2

(This is an updated version of A Tree of Eukarytes v1.1; changes discussed below.)

A Tree of Eukaryotes, v1.2 (Please keep the references box). Higher res pdf

- removed desmids (are Zygnemophyceans); added Pteridophytes at last (There, happy?)
- fixed spelling (thanks, Chris!)
- added hyphochytriomycetes
- fixed + expanded oxymonads and fornicates (diplos + retortamonads)
- added Naegleria
- indicated paraphyly for Trichomonads
- collapsed much of hlobosea due to poor resolution at this moment
- replaced 'metamonads' with 'fornicates' as the former is used in drastically different ways by many different people.
- added some more references

I'm not going to fix amoebozoa for another while yet, as it's uncertain how stable the new phylogeny is, although it comes from reputable people who really know amoebozoans. Now have space to expand them a bit too.

Thanks to everyone who pointed out errors and inaccuracies! Keep on doing that... I'm pretty sure there's many more messed up nodes and taxa there...

Could add more 'subtrees' (or 'expansion packs') later. This stuff is so addictive...

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