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Mystery Micrograph #18

Apparently I'm making these too easy lately. Congrats to Paul for getting the last one -- Spironucleus. Someday, I might even get around to blogging about it. Hopefully, within this year. Sigh.

K, next one:

(To be referenced later)


  1. Happy to find your blog. I'll guess Arnium macrotheca.

  2. Is it an Aspergillus of some sort?

  3. Sorry, none of you have it so far. And are all equally off =P

  4. The fact that all of the above guesses are equally off... ^_~

  5. Fruiting bodies of Myxobacteria?

  6. Heh, just by eliminating most of other possibilities... I would guess Chondromyces.
    These creatures are awesome! Looking forward for some info ;)

  7. I should have recognized this one: I remember growing these guys way back during an undergrad microbial diversity class! They look like mold, but they're actually bacteria - convergent evolution strikes again!

    Quick look through Bergey's suggests Chondromyces crocatus, since the fruiting body has branched stalks.

  8. Yup, Chondromyces is right - Paul and niun both got this one!

    Will blog about myxobacteria as soon as I get a chance -- got quite a backlog of past Mystery Micrographs to deal with. Wish I could just sit there and write about protists and bacteria for a living*. Oh wait, I get to do that this summer!!! *squeals like a five-year-old*

    *interspersed with research and teaching, of course...


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