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Sunday Protist - assorted Foissner SEMs

It's quite late and I'm lazy... have some Wilhelm Foissner instead:

I'm gonna guess them spiraling clockwise inward, starting from Bursaria (the big thing with the gaping oral cavity); take this with a big grain of salt:

Bursaria - Coleps - some other ciliate - testate amoebozoan (some relative of Difflugia?) - suctorian - amoebozoan (Arcella relative?) - some Tetraselmis-like thing? - another ciliate - filose amoeba - Didinium - Euplotes

Check out more of his SEMs if you can... his stuff is amazing!


  1. Are you telling me that those things are unicellular beings?

  2. All the ones here -- yes!

    The possibilities for cellular complexity are so Vast and amazing! ^.^


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