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Cute Arachnid

Found a cute jumping(?) spider on my wall before Friday's exam:

(the head kinda looks like a spaceship of sorts...)

Anyone wanna key it out?

I have another one somewhere, which I'll post when I find it. 'Somewhere' is a very difficult place to reach sometimes...


  1. That's family salticidae, though keying to genus could be hard because salticidae is a very large family, including such incredible members as the ant mimic spider (which isn't the one you have).

  2. That's almost certainly Platycryptus undatus...only a few members in the (distinctive) genus, and in North America this is far and away the most common. Also a male - the red on the face (lacking in females), swollen pedipalps, and overall body shape give it away. Good pics!

  3. That looks like Platycryptus Undatus, (the common name is the tan jumping spider). I've seen a few of those in my front yard before.


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