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Elateridae - click beetle

Have an exam later today - best time for catching up on blogging...

Came across a fairly sizable click beetle while on vacation: (about 2-2.5cm long). Now to compete with Myrmecos in macrophotography:

Ok, perhaps I'm not viable competition quite yet, but look - it's in focus! =D

Quick sloppy search on Wikipedia reveals the existence of bioluminescent clickbeetles. I want one.

Oh look, I have something multicellular on my blog! ^.^ Now I should really get to this exam I have 1.5h left to study for...

(more pictures to follow eventually later soon!)


  1. Did you slice it's guts after taking pictures to see what's inside it?

  2. LOL, have you check the 'external links' section on the wikipedia article of bioluminiscent click beetles?

    External links

    * Video showing a pyrophorus in Argentina.


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    Jumping spiders are on their way;
    No, I didn't dissect this thing. Dissecting beetles is bloody hard...besides, the probability of it having gut protists is pretty low anyway;
    Yes, your Argentina has stuff. Be proud!


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    >: -

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