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On the non-Sunday-ness of Sunday Protist

Even at the very beginning, I sensed trying a regularly scheduled weekly anything wouldn't work well for me, as I tend to be rather haphazard like that. Furthermore, writing depends a lot on time and inspiration, and the two seldom operate on a regular weekly basis. Sometimes things like those pesky offline obligations (aka 'life', apparently) pile up. Gonna have to keep my blogging slow for a while as I currently have two bosses to satisfy and kind of failing at both. Apparently leaving a lab is no easier than getting into one...

So that's why Sunday Protists come out on random weekdays. The name kind of stuck so I don't really feel like renaming the series; the regulars are well aware of the non-Sunday-ness aspect by now, and the n00bs respected newcomers can suffer mwahaha pick up soon enough.

That said, here's a glimpse of the upcoming post, to keep you in suspense and guilt trip myself into hurrying the hell up to finish it:

(to be referenced later)

Maybe from now on they will start happening on actual Sundays, and that would be creepy and hilarious.

Also, pay absolutely no attention to the loads of Mystery Micrographs I still have to explain and write up. Speaking of which, we still have an outstanding Mystery Micrograph and a Mystery Flagellar Root Apparatus to resolve, both at the free beer* level of difficult by this point ;-)

*If/when budget and geography allow it.

Now if only I could get enough results to satisfy everyone. Science is not cooperating with me lately...grrr. Nor are my writing juices. (Must. finish. results *yawn* section...zzZZZ) Annoyingly enough, annoying complications exciting new data tends to come along just as you're writing up and leaving. Oh gamma-tubulin, why do you insist on getting yourself involved in our already ridiculously complicated plot? *sob* Just gonna pretend that experiment never happened, lalala... actually, just gonna sleep and deal with all this crap tomorrow. Maybe even stop whining about it, but that may be asking for a bit much. But afterwards -- Sunday Protist!

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