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Mystery Flagellar Root Apparatus #01

This is mostly just to annoy someone =P

Have fun!

Deciphering abbreviations would only kill the fun. Obviously not expecting species-level identification. To be referenced later. Bwahaha.

Fine, I'll help a bit: this is in interphase.
Oh, and obligatory XKCD reference.

Edit 10.05.10 - Feeling generous today. Here's the rest of the figure:

(to be referenced later)

And it's not a Sleigh diagram, as the bulk of those have probably been seen by a certain reader already.

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  1. Gah! -- not fair! That's not a Sleigh diagram: it's a doodle! I mean, basal body #1 is (usually!) PF, not AF, but R4 is associated with the AF. But that's trivial compared to the real problem, which is that I'm not sure how to interpret the lines -- does this beast have only fibres and no microtubular roots, or are those meant to indicate transverse microtubules, or are they just some sort of shorthand? Very strange.

    OTOH, if there's anyone else reading this blog that has a better idea on how to interpret this, I'm (a) very interested, (b) very impressed, and (c) more than a little embarrassed!


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