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I hate Macs.

So. Much.

Please, are there any sane people left out there? Am I really alone? Is anyone else sick of getting owned by a stupid white/light grey box every 5 min because some morons are obsessed with making their products 'sleek' rather than something that actually works in a sensible way, and is compatible outside the small special cult they formed???

The only reason Macs are 'safer' in terms of viruses is because Apple has such a small percentage of the total market share that one would have to be a total idiot to write viruses for them. Although considering the arrogance of many Mac fanatics (bordering on religious fervor), it is somedays really fucking tempting to write one.

Can't wait to save up enough to finally get my own computer again. It will definitely be a PC. And all you mac users will save your files in sane formats to accomodate the other 99% of computer users. We are not inferior to you.

Maybe I should just go ahead and install GNU/Linux everywhere in the lab. MWAHAHA. Too bad I probably don't have sufficient computer skills to do so =(

Ok I think I can proceed with my work now. Writing this from a Mac right now... how does one autoclave a blog? Ewww the cooties...

Pwned by Euglena* earlier and now by a Mac. My day really sucks...

*I think I just discovered the first strain of those fuckers who are NEGATIVELY phototactic. That's right, they consistently move AWAY from the light, or ignore it altogether at lower intensities. Photosynthetic organisms displaying photophobia. Oh yeah, makes so much sense. Maybe tomorrow the laws of nature will hate me a little less...


  1. Actually, lots of photosynthetic organisms are really sensitive to light levels and will move away from particularly bright light. Too much light can make their photosystems run too fast for the rest of their metabolism. This can use up resources needed for other things and produce excessive harmful by-products (such as superoxides). There can indeed be too much of a good thing!

    Meanwhile, there is little need to install Linux on a Mac, since they already run UNIX. You can just open a terminal window and pretend the GUI doesn't exist! And Macs are considerably better at handling foreign file formats than PCs... there is usually some option for saving in some other format than the default. And you can probably find conversion utilities for any exceptions to that as well. So there.

  2. ditto the second paragraph of Opisthokont. GraphicConverter is the shit.


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