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С Новым Годом!

Happy New Year!

(can't miss the opportunity to startle y'all with weird cyrillic letters =P; reads [s 'novɨm 'godəm], meaning the same thing)

Anyway, I'm more or less back, and ready for more procrastination blogging, aside from some start-of-term madness to quell, mostly evolution student-directed seminar related. Thing starts tomorrow and our syllabus is less-than-ready. Still got over 24h to spare, so no pressure yet...

By the way, Carnival of Evolution #19 is up at Observations of a Nerd.

Now to quickly slap together a 'Sunday' Protist before everyone realises it's Monday already... Not that anyone hasn't yet. Mondays are a rather noticeable occurrence, especially after holidays...

After not speaking English for a couple of weeks, I have to re-learn the damn thing again. My tongue feels awkward uttering English phonemes...


  1. " 's novim godam"? ... i'd transliterate it as: "It's november, goddammit!".

  2. well, schwa != [a], technically speaking. Unstressed /o/ sounds like unstressed /a/ in Russian, but does not sound like stressed /a/.

    I actually ENJOYED the phonology part of linguistics. More so than syntax. I must be insane...

  3. Well, the unenjoyment of syntax may or may not have something to do with my vicious irrational hatred for anything Chomsky...


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