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Sunday Protist held hostage; MM feels neglected

Sunday Protist held hostage until some of you at least TRY to guess the current outstanding Mystery Micrograph*. Meanwhile, why don't you head over to the open random question and express your opinionated selves there? Come on, I thought everyone thinks about rooting eukaryotes in the back of their minds, right? *chirp chirp*

*Or until I finish the background reading for it anyway. I got myself into a bit of a taxonomic mess, and now that it's slowly crystalising (with structural defects, naturally) into something that makes sense. So now I can finally look up the relevant organisms and try to make a story. This is a totally foreign group for me...

Ok fine, I procrastinated: actually left campus today, had nice dinner, and now intend to crash to get up in time for my upcoming 8am class. I should really attend it more often, considering a) it's about metazoa, which I know nothing about; and b) I actually want to. No, seriously!

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