Field of Science

Mystery Micrograph #12

They're back! You probably know the drill by now...

To be referenced later; bar = 10um


  1. A foram? Looks like one from the Peneroplid group.

  2. I totally meant it to look like a foram! =P

    But no, sorry!

  3. =D Yeah, a baby Nautilus!

    That would be really cute. Unfortunately, this is not a Nautilus. Unless those exist in a flagellated form somehow? (see arrow /hint)

  4. Oh come on, but this is such a cute and confusing-looking little organism!

    It's biflagellate.

    Would you like a different angle of this thing then? It'll be -really- obvious then though. Well, obvious if you've heard about the organism before...

  5. A Dinoflagellate?

    I've probably put a good half hour or more into this one. That's as close as I can come. It's probably too small to be Noctiluca, but based on appearance alone that was an early favorite.

    /stumped (but easily stumped)

  6. Good try (considering the flagella too) but no, sorry.

    You guys need some help, eh? I'll either post more SEMs, or maybe get someone to try to rescue us =P


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