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I've been studying...

Thought you guys needed proof:

And then we ditched our beer cans on an unsuspecting lab's drink shelf (that's what it's really for, right? The fine art of beer arrangement?) Mwahaha, who'd like to be the next victim?

(PI's name blurred out since I doubt they'd like to be associated with the likes of us... <_< )

No really,

That's about a third of the organisms we need to know for tomorrow's exam. Their life stages/cell structure/special features too. Ignore the arrangement of non-photosynthetic heterokont phyla -- they're randomly placed. Also, I insist on calling the Cryptomonad/Haptophyte clade 'Crhaptophytes' even though it got rejected. Actual protistologists, please assist this noble cause by using that wonderful taxonomic term proliferously! Thanks.

To cite aforementioned phylogenetic mess, please use (Wavefunction, P. 2009,
SkepticWonder). Methods consist of: Chalk, modest volume of EtOH, exam panic. References: More people who would not like to be associated with the likes of us XP

Hmmm... I haven't stated anything utterly controversial on this blog yet. Here we go:

"Cell biologists are superior to molecular phylogeneticists."

(Cue 'real' botanists: "Arabidopsis is NOT a plant!!!1!!one!!!")

Let the wars begin! *cracks open another can of beer and sits down to watch*
*evil laughter*

Ok I'll stop embarassing myself with pointless rambling... I overstudied. TOKOPHRYA!!! BLEPHARISMA! TETRASELMIS! CHILOMASTIX! ACHLYA! VAUCHERIA! NOCTILUCA! CRICOSPHAERA! EIMERIA! CYANOPHORA! ...can't stop...feel bad about ignoring groups... aaaaahhhh.... (we didn't have time to cover Rhizarians though *weeps* )


  1. No, I provided you guys with the info to cite me XP

    Actually, self-citation is quite normal. You can't just say stuff you've previously published -- it has to be cited. Also, there are so few single author papers in biology that you're gonna have to cite yourself to cite your coauthors...otherwise, they get a bit left out, no?

  2. Nice try, but I had no trouble reading the blurred-out name on that picture... or was that intentional? Then again, I also know what the prime suspect would be....

    As for the placement of empty beer containers outside lab doors, that is not unknown here at Dalhousie. We have a weekly get-together in the student lounge involving (occasionally large amounts of) alcohol consumption, and while most of the bottles get stowed away for eventual return, and most of the remainder show up in the big recycle bins, people do sometimes wander off without realising that they are still holding their bottles, and wind up dropping them off any place that looks appropriate.

  3. Oh, and you have to feel sorry for the rhizarians. They are always getting left out.


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