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Ciliate developmentally-regulated genome rearrangements

Here's the essay I did for my protistology course this term, on ciliate nuclear dimorphism and developmentally-regulated genome rearrangements (epigenetic regulation of new macronucleus formation by the old one). If you'd like to read about some weird genomes (and overall weird organisms), this might be a good start (I've referenced plenty of further reading). It's not perfect; as a matter of fact, not even near publication quality, since this was just for a class. So if something fails to make sense scientifically, please let me know.

I do intend to discuss/rewrite this here in normal English someday... just not during finals!

Now I've just spent the last hour trying to post this. Tried Pdf, but Google Docs doesn't allow public Pdf publishing yet. Tried to upload as a .doc file, but exceeded the 500Kb limit (WTF!) In desparation, I printscreened the Pdf and composed pages out of images using my good friend ImageJ, and put into a letter-sized Powerpoint. Guess what... Google Docs won't let me change the slide format so the whole damn thing is stretched!

Publishing an essay turns out to be too sophisticated for Blogger. So here we go, to everyone's greatest annoyance... I'm gonna post images. Page by page.

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