Field of Science

It's that time of the term...

Protistology final Thu, then a genetics exam 8.30am SATURDAY freaking morning, and two more exams Mon and Wed. Thu shall be dedicated to taking care of a massive hangover. On top of that, I have a shitload of lab stuff to do, because I'm so great at timing things so that everything matures exactly when it really shouldn't.

And Firefox is telling me protistology is not a word. ISOP needs to lobby some dictionaries...

I did go on a microforay, however. Don't have time to process all the images, but found a few cool cysts (I think):

The latter may be a dino cyst; anyone know?

And a girdle view of a good ol' diatom:

Off to cram study intelligently with a long term goal of retaining learned info past the final (yeah right.)


  1. I'd just go and ask that diatom something like "why so symmetric?"

  2. The first "cool cysts" are not cysts! They are pollengrains of Alnus sp.


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