Field of Science

Excerpts of an old 'lab notebook'

I got my first microscope for my 9th birthday. Soon afterwards, I discovered pond water, and the true character of scum. I found exactly how to satisfy in me the innate thirst for alien worlds we all share. All one needed was a change of scale. I also happened to be quite obsessed with insects at the time...

I recorded everything, especially since I didn't have a camera and wanted to remember everything I saw. This introduced me to the scientific method. Naturally, being a naïve 9-year-old, you think you're making some earth-shattering discoveries and painstakingly record and cherish your data. Looking back, it's rather primitive... but still, I remember being proud of some of those drawings!

In a way, those were the golden years when most of my intellectual progress happened. Afterwards it all kinda goes bleh, and real life tries its damn hardest to knock all the creativity out of you. Wish I'd done much more then...

I took the photos in a hurry since the notebook is at my parents' house... excuse the crappy quality, and try to enjoy! Oh man, what a nerd...

I may redo this post once I get better pictures...


  1. How is it that your writing was better when you were 9 than when you were in highschool? ;)

    I like your drawings! I still think you should've pursued art as well.. I hope you're still doing some.

    Miss you, Yana.. You know you have to find me if you ever come back out Toronto-way..

    - Jess

  2. I like your drawings. You obviously put a lot of care drawing them. My mom recently gave me my drawings of mold in a petri dish I did in grade 7. Talk about lack of detail. The three things that I learnt from this excercise, were... there are lots of fungal spores in the air...fungi are colourful and ... snot has antifungal properties.


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