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Start-of-term shitstorm

Sorry, guys... behind on my Eukaryote Biodiversity posting... got caught up in a LOT of madness related to 6 courses and some very horribly neglected research. Tonight would've been great, had I not been subject to diethyl ether vapours for about 3h in o-chem lab, thereby making me veryyyyy sleeeeeeepy...

Daniel Dennett came to speak at our university last night. His talk was great (on memetics and 'Darwin's Strange Inversion of Reasoning')... needs a discussion post as well, but not on a mind full of ether. Apparently this is gonna happen in every o-chem lab, so once a week.

Actually the ether effects are subsiding, but I'm still lazy and tired. And I have a review paper to read for tomorrow morning. I'm on page 2...

Towards the middle of the term I tend to adopt a progressively more liberal attendance policy (skip class), so this shitstorm should subside into a brief calm soon...

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