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Half-assed excuses for half-assed posting...

Man, I fail. Got caught up in a whirlwind of school and research related crap again. I blame the plant cell cycle -- the more you read on that stuff, the more and more confused you get. There's no way out, all paths spiral downwards into an abyss of darkness and sheer utter befuddlement and stupefaction.

Why, oh why, did my research lead there? What have I done to come across such inconvienent yet awesome data?

It's kinda fun though. I'm, intellectually-speaking, a sadomasochist, apparently...

And then I have three exams next week. No, that I will NOT enjoy... I'm especially looking forward to Thursday: Exam monday morning, then o-chem lab with plenty of ether, then evening exam. Ether + evening exam is destined to be a rather lethal combination. Ow.

So I hope this is sufficient explanation for my half-assed internet presence lately. I tend to disappear for extended periods of time...

Week after next is reading break, however; I have no excuse then! Yet... <_<

Oh, and the protist series... is like, coming, soon, methinks...

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