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Mystery Micrograph #25

The last one was cracked by 'Anonymous', suspiciously close to a well-known dinoflagellate lab... it was a Warnowiid ocelloid, which is pretty much the coolest thing ever. I shall definitely blog about it someday. Been procrastinating with it because I'm not sure I can do it justice. In short, it's an image-forming camera eye...of a unicellular alga. If only these things weren't present at about one individual per cubic metre of seawater...argh!

Onto the next one. Tell me what's going on here:

TEM; 2 - 2300x 3 - 3400x. To be referenced later.


  1. have been looking at it for some time, but no, no idea. The blackish dots in the cell look like viral inclusions, no idea what adb means... Not an algal host cell, but with scales in any case.


  2. Sorry for delayed response...

    Scales are right. No viral inclusions that I know of. ap means something like 'adhesive proteins/plates' from what I remember. The ultrastructural details aren't excessively important... good luck!

    As for a hint – let's say there's silica involved... =D

  3. Some euglyphid. Dividing.

  4. Yes! You got it! A TEM of a dividing euglyphid, apparently more evil than I thought it would be =P

    I'll put up a new one for the holidays tonight!


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