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Call for submissions for MolBiol Carnival! (and CoE)

Have you written about fancy little molecules doing something biological lately? Have you written about biologists doings something molecular? Do you have pretty gels to show off, in a polite manner as to not offend those of us who chronically fail at PCR? Have you aligned some proteins into pretty super-neat colourful blocks screaming OCD! to the rest of the world? And written about it?

If so, you should submit your post to the high Impact Factor MolBiol Carnival. That way, not only will your wonderful exhibit be hosted amid members of the world's awesomest kingdom, but you'd reach a much wider readership than you would through Obscure Journal of Experimental Molecular Shit No-one Understands Anyway (Aka Journal of HAHAHA YOU'RE NOT IN CANCER RESEARCH SO WE DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU) And you thought that post was going to Nature, eh? What are you, an undergrad summer intern? ;-)
You can even cross-submit to the Carnival of Evolution, as evolution cannot be properly studied without molecular biology (Ha, suck on that, ecologists!*)

Was all of the above too much text for you? Too confusing? Lemme rephrase that:

CLICK HERE and SUBMIT YOUR POST to MolBiol Carnival NOW. Please ;) Scheduled for 01 Nov, 2010, here; please have the submissions in by 31 Oct. Make 'em spooky if you'd like.

Are you happy now, Alejandro?

*I'm perfectly cool with ecologists. I even have a friend who is one. It's kind of like the token 'gay friends' of flaming fundie Republicans. Except that I'm not actually an ecologist** myself. ;-)

** Please don't tell my cell biology peeps I'm applying to a graduate program with "ecology" in its title...I would get shunned by the entire field.

Speaking of evolution, Carnival of Evolution is alive and kicking too. You should submit. Next one is also 01 Nov at Byte Size Biology, and even though it won't be as cool as ours, it will still be totally awesome and the perfect place for you evolution posts.

Incidentally, I should probably write some real posts. Haven't done that in a while...


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