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Protist doodles

I like doodling things from time to time, especially protists. The fun aside, it's actually a nice way to acquaint oneself with how the look and behave. With protists, you get the choice of portraying the internal structures, as if viewing in transmission light microscopy, or only the surfaces, as if through SEM. Both are fun, although the former works better with ink doodles and the latter best suited for more serious shaded drawings, in my opinion. Anyway, a while ago I got home after reading and writing about Hacrobians all day, grabbed a beer and went doodling. From memory. Note that a lot of ultrastructure descriptions were read and incorporated into my work that day. Can anyone identify the organisms portrayed?

The image on the right comes from fucking around with a couple filters in ImageJ, and the result was kinda trippy. I smoothened the image, ran Find Edges on it and inverted the colours.
Oh, the image on the left was also post-processed: the original was a photo of a strip of paper with the drawings lying atop a horrible background, which was some random research paper that happened to be beneath it. The strip of paper was horribly slanted, and thus the background had to be edited out by hand, meaning I had to up the contrast until the drawing background was entirely evenly white, so I could blank out the background behind it. I really dislike post-processing besides cropping and slight change of brightness+contrast, but had little choice there. Thought I'd run this disclaimer anyway.

Post-it notes are fun to doodle on too. This is a fairly old one:

And a random trypanosome from a while ago: (the closest I'll ever get to biomedicine, ha!)

There's more, but they require being photographed or scanned, and that takes effort.

Also, I have a few posts in the making featuring protist-y things by people who can actually do art, so stay tuned. Also, if you know of some awesome protist/microbial/biology/sciencey, please do mention it here!

Ok, retreating back into my cave to work on blog posts as well as my actual writing stuff. Yay, guilt-zone!

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  1. Wow...those are really good! More than just doodles :) I'm afraid I've never attempted to draw bacteria, and unfortunately they don't really differ all that much in surface appearance to make it worthwhile.


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